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The Central Public Works Department of India, commonly referred as the CPWD, is a central government owned authority in charge of public sector works. The Central Public Works Department, under the ministry of urban development, builds and maintains public buildings.CPWD came into existence in July, 1854 when Lord Dalhousie established a central agency for execution of public works and set up Ajmer Provincial Division. It has now grown into a comprehensive construction management department, which provides services from project concept to completion, and maintenance management.

It is headed by the Director General (DG) who is also the Principal Technical Advisor to the Government of India. The incumbent DG is Mr. Divakar Garg. The regions and sub-regions are headed by Special DGs and Additional DGs respectively, while the zones in all state capitals (except a few) are headed by Chief Engineers.

With country wide presence, the strength of CPWD is its ability to undertake construction of complex projects even in difficult terrains and maintenance in post construction stage[1]

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