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The Central Synagogue of Sydney is one of Australia's largest synagogues, and possibly the "largest synagogue in the Southern hemisphere."[1]

The Central Synagogue was formed as the Surry Hills congregation in 1912 with the aim of introducing Eastern European custom into Sydney, and to arrest the drift from Judaism.[2] The Bondi-Waverley congregation, established in 1918, and merged with that of Surry Hills in March 1921, to form the Eastern Suburbs Central Synagogue at Bondi Junction. The Central Synagogue was firstly an endeavour to provide more accommodation for worship in the Eastern Suburbs, but also, at least initially, intended to provide a less anglicised environment than that found at the Great Synagogue.[3] The foundation stone was laid by the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Dr J. H. Hertz.[4][5][6]


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Coordinates: 33°53′24″S 151°15′25″E / 33.890109°S 151.256855°E / -33.890109; 151.256855