Central University of Ecuador

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Central University of Ecuador
Spanish: Universidad Central del Ecuador
Emblem of Central University of Ecuador
Motto Omnium Potentior est Sapientia
Established 1826
Type National university
Location Quito, Ecuador
Campus Urban
Website uce.edu.ec (in Spanish)
Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Central University of Ecuador

The Central University of Ecuador (Spanish: Universidad Central del Ecuador) is a national university located in Quito, Ecuador. It is the oldest university in Ecuador, and one of the oldest in the Americas. The enrollment is over 10,000 students per year.

The Library Network System at Central University of Ecuador[edit]

The Library Network System, is to facilitate the preservation, dissemination and free access to the resources of scientific, technological, documentary, tangible and virtual information, while supporting the development of teaching, learning and research in the processes of creation, transmission, knowledge management and liaison with the community.[1]

Comunications and Culture[edit]


The Joint National Music and Latinoamericana "The Chakana" is a musical group that has formed through the initiative and support of the Department of Communication and Culture of the Central University of Ecuador. The code that handles consists of songs and instrumental pieces with a focus harboring native rhythms and airs both Ecuador and Latin America rescuing own musical roots and common that make us a cultural continental block from the origins of our history as American peoples .

Director: Professor Javier Muñoz CUDAE-Traditional Dance

The multicultural and multiethnic Ecuador is a point of realization through the musical representation, traditional dance. This kind of folk dance is closely related to the cultural roots of a community, whose practice is done more by inheritance of tradition from generation to generation, that innovation. The cultural richness of our country, concocted by the socio-historical processes is represented through the body: rituals that express the symbolic force of events or events that marked their future.

Director: Professor Nelson Diaz UNIVERSITY CHOIR

It was created on November 22, 1960 under the direction of Maestro Victor Austrian Bürger. He has represented the Central University of Ecuador inside and outside the country for 54 years. Among the directors I have told the Choir Master Gerardo Guevara.[2]





Engineering... Geology, Mining, and Environment[edit]

School of Medicine[edit]

School of Odontology[edit]

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