Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics

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The Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) at Australian National University, Charles Sturt University and University of Melbourne was established in 2000 as an Australian Research Council funded Special Research Centre and is the world’s largest concentration of applied philosophers. CAPPE aims to assist members of the community to make more ethically informed choices by making available the considerable resources of the rich tradition in philosophical theory, as well as other information, such as empirical research and the statement of fundamental human rights in international instruments of human rights.

Research Fellows of the Centre include Peter Singer, Thomas Pogge, CAJ (Tony) Coady, Clive Hamilton, Tom Campbell, Seamus Miller, John Kleinig, Larry May, Marilyn Friedman, Jeanette Kennett and Justin O'Brien.

Research Areas[edit]

The Centre's work is organised around six integrated research areas:

  • Business and Professional Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Ethical Issues in Biotechnology
  • Ethical Issues in Political Violence and State Sovereignty
  • IT and Nanotechnology: Ethics of Emergent Technology
  • Welfare Ethics


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