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BOZAR is the biggest art centre in Belgium, providing a platform for art, music, cinema, theatre, literature, architecture, events, festivals and conferences.

Creativity, quality, and artistic diversity are at the heart of our mission. But for art not to be something abstract and distant, for it to be truly part of the “culture” of a society and particularly in a city as variegated and international as Brussels.

The support of institutions, companies, and private individuals helps the Centre for Fine Arts to carry out its cultural mission and develop a vision.

The Director of BOZAR is art historian Paul Dujardin.


The Centre for Fine Arts first opened its doors in 1928. Here, Horta traded the sinuous lines of art nouveau for the geometric design language of art deco, but the incidence of light in the exhibition rooms and the ingenious arrangement of the different spaces betray the hand of the master. In his memoirs, Horta referred to the Centre as a high point in his career.

His ambitious project was designed to meet several challenges. A town planning one, first of all: linking the upper to the lower town. An architectural one: creating a building that would meet the needs of different disciplines while still preserving its own architectural cogency. An artistic challenge: to host all forms of art, at the highest level and in the best possible conditions. A cultural challenge, finally: to make art accessible to as many people as possible, free of elitism but without lowering standards.

Since 2002, the Belgian federal intuition has chosen the brand name BOZAR, which has seven artistic departments: Bozar Expo, Bozar Music, Bozar Cinema, Bozar Dance, Bozar Theatre, Bozar Literature, Bozar Studios and Bozar Architecture. The Bozar is home to the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Société Philharmonique/Philharmonische Vereniging which invites the world's major orchestras and performers to appear at the Le Boeuf Hall. The finals of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition are held there also. Up to 10 exhibitions a year are organised at BOZAR, and have included Jeff Wall, Luc Tuymans, Frida Kahlo, Lucas Cranach, Gilbert and George, Wim Delvoye, Venetian and Flemish Masters, and "It's not only rock'n'roll Baby".


Bozar vestibule
  • Henry Le Boeuf Hall, with seating capacity for 2,200
  • Chamber Music Room, with seating capacity for 476
  • Victor Horta Hall (Great Sculpture Hall)
  • Studio Recital Hall,with seating capacity for 210
  • Salle Terarken, a multi-purpose hall
  • Exhibition rooms


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