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The Centre for Policy Development (CPD) is an Australian independent and non-partisan research institute or think tank, founded in 2007. It grew out of the then magazine (and now website) New Matilda.[1][2] The founding Chair was John Menadue AO and Executive Director was Miriam Lyons. Her successor is Oxford academic and international law expert Travers McLeod.[3]

Centre for Policy Development:

  • seeks out creative, viable ideas supported by rigorous, interdisciplinary research to inject into Australia’s policy debates.
  • gives a diverse community of thinkers space to generate ideas for a fair, sustainable and prosperous future for all Australians.
  • develops and promotes policy proposals to help Australia thrive and lead in a fast-changing global environment over the long-term.

CPD research fellows[edit]

Fellows of the Centre include:[4]


  • Christopher Stone (Chris Stone), Research Director of CPD Public Service Program
  • Laura Eadie, Research Director of CPD Sustainable Economy Program
  • Michael Hayman, Researcher

Past CPD research fellows[edit]


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