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The Centre for Social Development and Self-help Perspective has since 1988 been a partner organization to the Russlandhilfe e. V. with domicile in Moscow.

The Russlandhilfe e. V. was founded in Germany in the year 1990 by Ms. Anne S. Hofinga, as many people got into adversity after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The financing of the centre Perspective is by donated funds from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The most attended projects from the centre perspective running over the axiom help to self-help respectively independence. For this reason more projects are being promoted which long reach finish is to work autonomous and don’t being dependent on donated founds. Such projects are for example instruction-workshops, continuing education for (slow learner) orphans and social-orphans as like employment-places for handicapped young adults.

Furthermore another aim of the centre perspective is to support new innovative and social expedient projects in the beginning phase, to attend those in additionally course as well as coordinating the different projects among each other respectively to connect and afford the possibility for the information and experience-exchange.

Austrian civil servants have been sent to this location since 2001 by the Austrian Service Abroad.

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