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There is some debate as to the location of the geographical centre of Scotland. This is due to different methods of calculating the centre, and whether surrounding islands are included.

In 2002, the Ordnance Survey calculated the centre using a centre of gravity method. The centre point was found to be at grid reference NN6678471599 (56°49.0153′N 4°10.959′W / 56.8169217°N 4.182650°W / 56.8169217; -4.182650 (Geographic centre of Scotland)Coordinates: 56°49.0153′N 4°10.959′W / 56.8169217°N 4.182650°W / 56.8169217; -4.182650 (Geographic centre of Scotland)). This is on a hillside near Loch Garry, between Dalwhinnie and Blair Atholl and close to the A9 road and the railway line.

Nearby, it is claimed that the centre lies a few miles from the village of Newtonmore, Badenoch. It is marked by a stone set into a wall. [1]

The Ordnance Survey calculated that the centre of mainland Scotland is at NN7673153751 (56°39′33.86″N 4°0′40.37″W / 56.6594056°N 4.0112139°W / 56.6594056; -4.0112139 (Centre of mainland Scotland)). The point is 5 km east of the mountain of Schiehallion, which is sometimes claimed to be at the centre of Scotland.

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