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The Ceremonial Squadron (" C Sqn") an HQ Unit of Training Group of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps.

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The Ceremonial Squadron was created December 1998 and officially established on 1 May 1999. The unit has gained recognition of high standard of drill on its debut performance on the Hong Kong Cadet Force Joint Annual Parade on 7 November 1999 at Hong Kong Police Training School. Moreover, it is the first time the air cadets have an escorting unit to the HKACC Colour equipped with ceremonial dress (No.1 Service Dress). Ceremonial Squadron is under the training group of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps.

Duties of the Guards of Honour[edit]

The Ceremonial Flight is an Headquarters Unit of Training Group which was led by Flight Lieutenant Sandy S.F. Chu, Officer Commanding Ceremonial Flight with the assistance of Warrant Officer Wallace W.K. Yip, Chief Drill Instructor. C Flt commits to perform all ceremonials by forming up the Guards of Honour including Colour Party if required. The C Flt is also responsible for escorting the HKACC Colour on all occasions.

Ceremonial Squadron Officers[edit]

The Commanding Officer has authorised the establishment of Ceremonial Squadron on 1 October 2003. Acting Squadron Leader Gavin T. C. Loo was the Officer Commanding Squadron and the Ceremonial Squadron is authorised as the only unit to parade the HKACC Colour by forming up a Colour Party as well as escorting flights as required. The current Officer Commanding of Ceremonial Squadron is Ag Flt Lt Edward King.

Functions of the Ceremonial Squadron[edit]

Ceremonial Squadron performs at public duties such as Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph, National Day Flag Raising at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and other major public performances such as Solar Project and the Aviation Day were under its scope. As such, the C Sqn was gradually equipped with full ceremonial accoutrements i.e. RAF No.1 Service Dress for all senior and cadet members, ceremonial swords for officers and warrant officers and replica drill-purpose rifles for all cadets.

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