Ceres Microregion

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Location of the Ceres Microregion in the state of Goiás

The Ceres Microregion is located in north-central Goiás state, Brazil. It includes 22 cities with a total population of 215,820 inhabitants (2007). The total area is 13,224.40 km² and the population density is 16.32 inhab/km². The most important cities are Ceres and Goianésia.

The most populous municipality is Goianésia with 53,806 inhabitants. The least populous is São Patrício with 2,051 inhabitants.

The largest municipality in land area is Goianésia with 1,419.0 km². The smallest is São Patrício with 135.0 km².

The area of the region is between that of Vanuatu and The Bahamas or slightly smaller than the American state of Connecticut

Cities in the Ceres Microregion[edit]

Population is from 2007. See Sepin

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