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Cerinah Nebanda was a Ugandan politician, and former MP of the Parliament of Uganda for Butaleja District.[1] Her death at the age of 24, in December 2012, sparked political controversy.

Death and subsequent investigation[edit]

A government chemist's post-mortem report stated that cocaine, heroin, alcohol and several other chemicals were found in Nebanda's blood, gut and tissue samples.[2] However, at Nebanda's funeral, the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Rebecca Kadaga rejected this government report.[3] Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni then spoke out to deny that the National Resistance Movement—the political party of both himself and Nebanda—had killed her.[4]

The Observer newspaper reported that some Ugandan Members of Parliament (MPs)[who?] believe that Nebanda was poisoned, as she was a vocal critic of the government, and that the state was "arresting anyone suspected to be propagating that line".[5] Among those arrested were two MPs, one of whom was Mohamed Nsereko.[6]

Earlier, The Monitor newspaper had reported that a pathologist who Nebanda's family had asked to examine her samples had been arrested whilst on his way to conduct tests in South Africa.[7]

On 2 January 2013, police announced that they had opened an investigation into Nebanda's death, and linked it to what they called "a narcotic drug syndicate operating in a number of countries including Uganda, Pakistan, and South Sudan".[8] On 4 January, Nebanda's boyfriend was arrested in Kenya, and extradited to Uganda for questioning by police.[9]


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