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Certance was a Privately_held_company engaged in design and manufacture of computer tape drives.

Based in Costa Mesa, California, Certance designed and manufactured drives using a variety of tape formats, including Travan, DDS, and Linear_Tape-Open computer tape drives. Certance was one of the three original technology partners, (Certance, IBM, and Hewlett Packard), that created the Linear Tape-Open technology.

In 2005 Certance was acquired by Quantum Corporation.


The company began as the removable storage systems division of Seagate Technology. The division was formed in 1996 from storage companies Archive Corp., Irwin Magnetic Systems, Cipher Data Products, and Maynard Electronics. In a restructuring involving Seagate Technology and Veritas Software, the division was spun off in 2000 into the independent company Seagate Removable Storage Systems. The name was changed to "Certance" in 2003. In 2004, Quantum Corporation announced plans to acquire Certance. The acquisition was completed in 2005, whereupon Certance ceased to exist as an independent company.

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