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Cerulean Studios, LLC.
Limited Liability Company
Industry Software
Founded Connecticut, United States (May 1998)
Headquarters Brookfield, Connecticut, United States
Key people
Scott Werndorfer, head developer and co-founder
Kevin Kurtz, head developer and co-founder
Pak-Kei Mak, head designer
Products Trillian
Trillian Pro
Trillian Astra
Number of employees
9 (2005)
Slogan Creators of Trillian
Website http://www.trillian.im

Cerulean Studios is a software house based in Connecticut, United States, notable for developing Trillian, an instant messaging client.

It was founded in May 1998 by Kevin Kurtz and Scott Werndorfer. While still living at his parent's home, Werndorfer used $10,000 of his savings to start Cerulean Studios together with fellow computer geek 24-year-old Kevin Kurtz of Florida. The duo lived on donations from the freeware version of Trillian while building their company. [1]

They built a freeware multi-protocol IM program called Trillian. The first version of Trillian was released on July 1, 2000. On September 10, 2002, a commercial version, Trillian Pro, was added to the company's lineup.

Cerulean has promised to continue to support and maintain a free version of Trillian, which will remain a closed-source application.

Since the company's growth due to going commercial, Cerulean Studios has hired their main graphics designer, Pak-Kei Mak, who goes by the name Kid on the official support forums.

The abbreviation "CS" is commonly used amongst the Trillian community.

The company has also been involved in the Child's Play charity event. Cerulean Studios was one of the platinum sponsors in 2005.

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