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Cesca Peroni is a fictional character from the Saga of Seven Suns series of novels by Kevin J. Anderson.


Her real name being Francesca she was the only child of the Roamer trader Denn Peroni and spent the early part of her life moving from Roamer outpost to Roamer outpost with her father. However, Cesca found a home in the central Roamer complex Rendezvous after her father managed to persuade the then Roamer Speaker Jhy Okiah to take Cesca on as her protégé.

From then on Cesca followed Jhy Okiah and learnt from her example in matters such as settling clan disputes and while under Okiah's tutelage she met Ross Tamblyn who proposed to her. Cesca accepted despite Ross's status as an outcast of the Tamblyn clan provided he make a profit on his Blue Sky Mine project. Unfortunately later Cesca met Ross's brother Jess whom she fell in love with although the breaking of her engagement to Ross was unthinkable, so the pair kept their distance from one another.

Marriage Proposals[edit]

Cesca was also the recipient of a proposal from the Theron heir Reynald who queried after a marriage alliance between the Roamers and the Therons after asking for an audience with the Roamers to which Cesca had accompanied Jhy Okiah. Cesca of course turned down this invitation, due to her engagement to Ross and her feelings for Jess.

Following the events after Jhy Okia's death on Jonah 12, Cesca was severely wounded during the encounter and subsequent escape from a nest of previously undiscovered Klikiss Robots, which were found in an underground tomb shortly before Jhy Okiah's funeral. During the escape, Cesca was mortally wounded and was rescued by Jess Tamblyn and evacuated to the relative safety of space in Nikko's Ship.

Nikko pronounced to Jess that Cesca was, by all rights, dying, and that there was nothing of human manufacture that could save her. Jess Tamblyn pleaded with the wentals within him to infuse her with wental energy as they did to him, to save her. The wentals expressed fear at creating a "corrupted wental", a being of great destruction. Jess openly doubted that a corrupt wental would emerge, and, after much debate, the wentals agreed to attempt a merger with her on the planet on which Jess was infused with wental energy.


The merger on the planet was successful, and Cesca was infused with wental energy, and was able to physically interact with Jess Tamblyn, who resassured her of his love for her. Shortly following her merger, Cesca and Jess Tamblyn were forced to go to Jess's home planet to destroy the corrupted wental accidentally resulting from Jess Tamblyn touching his mother's corpse on a previous visit.

During the fight, Cesca quickly gained control of her newfound powers, freezing several attacking native meter-long waterworms and harnessing the explosive powers of the wental hive mind to destroy the corrupted wental by assisting Jess Tamblyn in his attack. The corrupted wental was destroyed and Cesca (still Speaker of the Roamer Clans) and Jess split up to assist the wental-spreading Roamers in their task.[citation needed]

Appearances/ Sources[edit]

  • Hidden Empire
  • A Forest of Stars
  • Horizon Storms
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