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Vacuum waste collection vehicle. Waste suction apparatus from R98 (a municipal cleansing company in Copenhagen in Denmark). The tube on the top is connected to a connecting piece kept under the pavement, and the waste is sucked out from a tank placed in a strategic place in the neighborhood.

A cesspool emptier is a vacuum truck which removes contaminated water from hollows such as cesspools and sewage tanks and carries it to a disposal point.

In commercial aviation and other industries, this type of vehicle is called a honey wagon, and is a large tanker designed to collect waste from such facilities as airplane toilets and portable toilets.

Slang synonyms[edit]

Sewage tanker, Tatton Park flower show, July 2009, England
  • "Honey truck"
  • "Sewer Sucker"
  • "Honey Sucker"
  • "Honeywagon"
  • "Septic Tanker"

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