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Ceylon is the former English name given to Sri Lanka, by the British, under their occupation of the island nation in South Asia.

Ceylon may also refer to:


Sri Lanka[edit]

  • Dominion of Ceylon, a dominion in the British Commonwealth between 1948 and 1972
  • British Ceylon, the British occupation of Ceylon between 1815 and 1948
  • Zeylan, the Dutch occupation of Sri Lanka between 1656 and 1796
  • Ceilão, the Portuguese occupation of Sri Lanka between 1505 and 1658

United States[edit]

Naval ships[edit]

  • HMS Ceylon (1808), 32-gun frigate in the Royal Navy
  • HMS Ceylon (30), an 8000-ton displacement Crown Colony-class cruiser commissioned in 1943, which fought in the East Indies in World War II
  • Ceylon class cruiser, a sub-class of the Crown Colony class cruisers

Food and drink[edit]

  • Tea production in Sri Lanka discusses three kinds of tea referred to as Ceylon tea (black, green, and white)
  • Ceylon (curry), a family of curry recipes with coconut, lemon, and a specific Ceylon curry powder