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For other uses, see Chūō-ku.
Location of Chūō-ku in Osaka City
The Siege of Osaka Castle, 17th century.
Osaka Business Park (OBP)
Dōtonbori River at night

Chūō-ku (中央区 Chūō-ku?), Osaka is one of 23 wards of Osaka, Japan. It has an area of 8.88 km2, and a population of 60,085. It houses Osaka's financial district, as well as the Osaka Prefecture offices and principal shopping and tourist areas.


Various consulates are found in Chūō-ku. The Consulate-General of South Korea has its own building. Three consulates, Consulate-General of Australia, the Consulate-General of the Netherlands, and the Consulate-General of the Philippines, occupy the twenty-ninth, thirty-third, and twenty-fourth floors, respectively, of the Twin21 MID Tower. The Consulate-General of Canada is on the twelfth floor of the Daisan Shoho Building in Chūō-ku. The Consulate-General of France is on the tenth floor of the Crystal Tower. The Consulate-General of India is on the tenth floor of the Semba I.S. Building. The Consulate-General of Indonesia is on the sixth floor of the Daiwa Bank Semba Building. The Consulate-General of Singapore is on the fourteenth floor of the Osaka Kokusai Building. The Consulate-General of Thailand is in the first, fourth, and fifth floors of the Bangkok Bank Building. The Consulate-General of the United Kingdom is on the nineteenth floor of the Seiko Osaka Building. The Consulate-General of Vietnam is on the tenth floor of the Estate Bakuro-machi Building.[1]


Buildings in Chūō-ku (2013)


Osaka Prefecture[edit]

Mass media[edit]

Broadcasting stations


Company headquarters[edit]

Sumitomo Trust and Banking was headquartered in Kitahama prior to its merger to form Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (now headquartered in Tokyo). Daiwa Bank and Kinki Osaka Bank were headquartered in Chuo-ku prior to their merger to form Resona Bank.

Branch offices[edit]

Fuji Fire and Marine has its Osaka offices in the ward.[8]

Offices of foreign companies[edit]

Air China has an office on the 1st floor of the Uchihonmachi Green Building in Chūō-ku.[9] Asiana Airlines operates a sales office on the 18th Floor of the Epson Osaka Building in Chūō-ku.[10]


Railway stations[edit]

West Japan Railway Company (JR West)
Osaka Loop Line: Morinomiya Station - Osakajo-koen Station
Keihan Electric Railway
Keihan Line: Yodoyabashi Station - Kitahama Station - Temmabashi Station
Namba Line: Osaka Namba Station - Kintetsu Nippombashi Station
Hanshin Electric Railway
Hanshin Namba Line: Osaka Namba Station
Nankai Electric Railway
Nankai Main Line: Namba Station
Osaka Municipal Subway
Midosuji Line: Yodoyabashi Station - Hommachi Station - Shinsaibashi Station - Namba Station
Tanimachi Line: Temmabashi Station - Tanimachi Yonchome Station - Tanimachi Rokuchome Station
Chuo Line: Hommachi Station - Sakaisuji-Hommachi Station - Tanimachi Yonchome Station - Morinomiya Station
Sennichimae Line: Namba Station - Nippombashi Station
Sakaisuji Line: Kitahama Station - Nagahoribashi Station
Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line: Shinsaibashi Station - Matsuyamachi Station - Nagahoribashi Station - Tanimachi Rokuchome Station - (Tamatsukuri Station, Tennoji-ku) - Morinomiya Station - Osaka Business Park Station


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