Château de Castries

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Château de Castries

The Château de Castries is a château in Castries, Hérault, France.[1][2][3][4]


The estate has belonged to the House of Castries since 1465.[4] In 1565, Jacques de Castries undertook construction work.[2] The garden was laid out by André Le Nôtre in 1666.[1][2] The aqueduct, to water the garden, was built by Pierre-Paul Riquet.[1][2][5][3]

It was looted and damaged during the 1789 French Revolution.[4] It was restored in 1828.[4] In 1935, it was bought back by René de La Croix de Castries.[6] In 1985, he donated it to the Académie française.[3] It is open to the public.[1][2]


Coordinates: 43°40′47″N 3°58′56″E / 43.6797°N 3.9822°E / 43.6797; 3.9822