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Quebec electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature National Assembly of Quebec
District created 1939
District abolished 1944
First contested 1939
Last contested 1939

Châteauguay-Laprairie was a former provincial electoral district in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Many sources (including the National Assembly website) write it as Châteauguay-La Prairie, but contemporary sources show the "Laprairie" part of the name written as one word.[1][2] This alternate way of spelling it is probably by analogy with the modern-day La Prairie electoral district, which was spelled "Laprairie" before 1988.[3]

It was created for the 1939 election, from parts of the Châteauguay and Napierville-Laprairie electoral districts. It existed for only that one election. It disappeared in the 1944 election and its successor electoral district was the recreated Châteauguay.

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