Chéticamp River

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Origin Chéticamp Lake
Mouth Gulf of St. Lawrence
Basin countries Canada
Mouth elevation sea level
Basin area 806 km²[1]

The Chéticamp River is a river on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, located at the western entrance to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. According to estimates by the Province of Nova Scotia, there are 2,650 people resident within the Chéticamp watershed in 2011.[2]

The river flows from Chéticamp Lake in the Cape Breton Highlands into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence at the village of Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. Some of the outflow of the lake has been diverted for a hydroelectric project.

Atlantic Salmon visit this river to spawn.

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Coordinates: 46°36′7.70″N 61°0′4.06″W / 46.6021389°N 61.0011278°W / 46.6021389; -61.0011278