Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter

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Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter
Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter manga vol 1.jpg
Cover of the first manga volume
Genre Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi,Comedy
Developer Square Enix
Genre Digital Card RPG/Racing
Released May 31,2012
Written by Ryutaro Ichmura
Illustrated by Teruaki Mizuno
Published by Shueisha
Magazine Saikyō Jump
Original run 3 December 2011 – ongoing
Anime television series
Directed by Shinji Takamatsu
Written by Dai Satō
Studio A-1 Pictures
Network TXN (TV Tokyo), AT-X
Original run 2 October 201224 September 2013
Episodes 51
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Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter (超速変形ジャイロゼッター?, trans. Super High-Speed Transforming Gyrozetter) is a game by Square Enix and a children's Japanese anime television series.[1][2] A manga series was released on December 3, 2012, although unlike the anime, the manga is still on-going.


In 21st century Japan, vehicles with artificial intelligence for increased safety, known as A.I. Cars, have revolutionized the automotive industry. Special schools teaching children to drive A.I. Cars have been established. One day, Kakeru Todoroki, a fifth grader of Arcadia Academy, is summoned by the school principal and given an A.I. Car with which to save humanity. The car, however, is actually also a transforming robot known as Gyrozetter. When Xenon, an evil organization bent on world domination, wreak havoc across New Yokohama City, Kakeru must gather the other "chosen drivers" foretold on the artifact known as the "Rosettagraph", and stop Xenon's evil plans.



The creator of the A.I. cars, Arcadia is known for the highest innovations of the car industry, by introducing hydrogen-fueled cars with added artificial intelligence for increased safety into the automotive industry. Since then, many car manufacturers began importing new and improved car models through this company. To protect New Yokohama City, Arcadia deploys their line of defense to solve the problem.

A.I. Cars[edit]

Short for "Artificial Intelligent Cars", these are cars that are installed with A.I. programs for increased safety.

Arcadia Academy[edit]

A multi-purpose school for young A.I. Car drivers of any niche, from ages 6 to 15. Like any other school, the academy provides basic and advance education, as well as driving lessons. Arcadia's secret peace-keeping base was hidden here.


A type of A.I. Car that can transform into its robotic form via its feature called "Chō Soku Henkei" (Hyper Speed Transformation). To active it, the driver must pull up the steering wheel whilst shouting the command "Chō Soku Henkei!" (Hyper Speed Transform!). Upon activation, the car itself will re-assemble into the robotic form of it. Each A.I. car has different appearance and weapon of choice that varies from each other.

Final Burst[edit]

The Gyrozetter's ultimate attack that can only be used when the Burst Core of the Moebius Engine is been in its full limit. This can be achieved by filling it with the driver's "power of devotion", which can be drawn from their devotion to something important to them, until it exceeds Level 3.


Arcadia Chosen Drivers[edit]

A small group of young drivers foretold on the writings found in an ancient monolith called "Rosettagraph". These drivers believed to be the ones who can "choose their own future", and each possessed a specialty that might help them in battle. Each of the chosen drivers has their own Gyrozetters that, unlike the others, are powered with the hydrogen-powered engine, known as "Moebius Engine".

Kakeru Todoroki

Voiced by: Marina Inoue


Car:Arcadia Libird -> Arcadia Libird Hyper Spec -> Arcadia Libird Shining Edition

Weapon of Choice: Short Sword

Signature Attack: Lightning Slash

The main protagonist of the series, and the first of the five chosen drivers selected by Arcadia. A young carefree boy who was very polite,and never forgets smile and bow at whoever he met, although he regularly displays recklessness that almost get him into trouble. However, whatever he sees someone in danger, he would not think twice before rushing to help, but when his friends were in deep danger, or if they were hurt in front of him, Kakeru sets his outgoing personality aside and unleashes his repressed hatred at his enemies. He usually uses the word depressingly as an adjective, much to Rinne's dismay. His Gyrozetter, Libird, uses a short sword, called "Thunderclap Blade", to deliver strikes at his enemies,and usually uses attacks based on Japanese wrestling moves, such as Lightning Slash, an diving attack. He has three Final Burst in the series

  • Thunderclap Ascension:

Episode list[edit]

A total of three theme songs are used, one opening and two endings. The opening is Let's Go! by Masohiko Kondou, the first ending is Strobe and the second ending, used from episode 18, is One Step, both by TEMPURA KIDZ. The series started on October 2, 2012 and ended on September 24, 2013.

Episode # Title Original airdate
01 "Raibird to the Front!"
"Raibaado Kakeru!" (ライバード駆ける!!) 
October 2, 2012
Student Todoroki Kakeru learns he is a 'chosen driver', becomes involved with the battle with the evil organization Xenon, and is given a special transforming car - a Gyrozetter - named Raibird. 
02 "The Secret of the Rosettagraphy"
"Rozettagurafii no himitsu" (ロゼッタグラフィーの秘密) 
October 9, 2012
Kakeru learns more about the secrets behind the Arcadian school and Gyrozetters, while his friend Rinne is revealed to be the second chosen driver. 
03 "The Magnificent Third Driver!"
"Kareinaru daisan no doraibaa!" (華麗なる第三のドライバー) 
October 16, 2012
When hints to the identity of the third chosen driver are deciphered on the Rosettagraphy, Kakeru decides they refer to his friend, Michie. 
04 "Showdown! Racing Battle!"
"Taisetsu! reshingu batoru!" (対決!レーシングバトル) 
October 23, 2012
Kakeru clashes with the new chosen driver, Shunsuke, leading to a race between the two highly competitive boys. 
05 "Appearance! Eraser-01!"
"Toujyou! Irezaa-01!" (登場!イレイザー-01!) 
October 30, 2012
With the chosen drivers heading to Mount Fuji for a training camp to improve their teamwork, Xenon prepares to unleash their secret weapon. 
06 "Clash! Raibird vs Guiltice!"
"Gekitou! Raibaado VS Giruteisu!" (激闘!ライバードVSギルテイス!) 
November 6, 2012
With Arcadia's forces under attack both at Mount Fuji and headquarters, Rinne must race to be back in time to save their base while Kakeru and Shunsuke take on the mysterious Eraser-01. 
07 "Satori the Transfer Student"
"Denkousei satori" (転校生サトリ) 
November 13, 2012
As the fifth chosen driver, Satori, transfers into Arcadia, Xenon's Haruka takes advantage of the situation to infiltrate their ranks. 
08 "Dash! Disappearing AI Cars!"
"Shissou! Eeai kaa shissoujiken!" (疾走!エーアイカー失踪事件!) 
November 20, 2012
With AI cars inexplicably disappearing all over the city, the chosen drivers take it on themselves to solve the mystery. 
09 "The Stolen Gyro Commander"
"Nusumareta jyairokomandaa" (盗まれたジャイロコマンダー) 
November 27, 2012
Kakeru finds himself in hot water after being unable to find his Gyro Commander. Did he lose it, or was it stolen? 
10 "Guiltice Returns!"
"Giruteisu futatabi!" (ギルテイス再び!) 
December 4, 2012
As Arcadia puts on a show to formally announce the existence of the Gyrozetters, Eraser-01 plans to crash the party. 
11 "A Day Without Raibird"
"Raibaado no inai hi" (ライバードのいない日) 
December 11, 2012
Kakeru struggles to deal with the aftermath of his last battle with Eraser-01, while Xenon attempt to steal Libird's Moebuis engine. 
12 "Complete! Raibird Hyper Spec"
"Kansei! Raibaado HS" (完成!ライバードHS) 
December 18, 2012
While Arcadia TV investigates reports of mysterious giant monsters, Eraser-01 attacks the Majima Institute and the Rosettagraphy. 
13 "The Nightmare of Great Kraken"
"Gureeto kuraaken no akumu" (グレートクラーケンの悪夢) 
December 25, 2012
With the Arcadia TV crew in Xenon's clutches, the chosen drivers must face off against the giant Gyrozetters Dragnos and Great Kraken. 
14 "Hyper Speed Special: Showcasing All Of Gyrozetter"
"Chou Soku tokuban zenbun misemasu jyairozettaa" (超速特番全部見せますジャイロゼッター) 
January 8, 2013
Arcadia TV presents a special show summarizing all the events thus far, while a memory of his past stirs in Eraser-01... 
15 "Nice To Meet You, Dolphine!"
"Hajimemashite Dorufiine!" (はじめましてドルフィーネ) 
January 15, 2013
Feeling dejected and hurt after arguing with Kakeru, Rinne makes a new friend at the aquarium. 
16 "A Mic-man's Love"
"Maikuman no koi" (マイクマンの恋) 
January 22, 2013
After Rinne mistakenly believes Saki and Mic-man Seki to be dating, she conscripts everyone into helping them out. 
17 "Roaring! Death Match!"
"Bakusou! Desu macchi!" (爆走!デスマッチ!) 
January 29, 2013
Kakeru, Rinne and Michie help their class president when her father, a professional wrestler named Devil III, goes missing after losing a fight. 
18 "An Exciting Valentine"
"Tokimeki balantain" (ときめきバランタイン) 
February 5, 2013
As Valentine's Day approaches, Kakeru's refusal to see a dentist over a cavity leads to him being forbidden from eating chocolate. 
19 "A Panda Comes To Town"
"Panda ga machi ni yattekita!" (パンダが街にやってきた!) 
February 12, 2013
As the city welcomes a panda visitor, a team of emergency services Gyrozetters prepare for their debut. 
20 "Birth of the Comedy Hero!"
"Owarai hiiroo tanjyou!" (お笑いヒーロー誕生!) 
February 19, 2013
Wanting to become a comedian, Michie ropes Kakeru into appearing with him on a TV talent show. 
21 "Let's Go! Smash out the Rally!"
"Let's Go! Rarii de kattobase!" (Let's Go! ラリーでかっとばせ!) 
February 26, 2013
Kakeru and Shunsuke team up to take on the International AI Car Rally, facing off against competitors such as EnelX's Touma and Masahiko Kondō
22 "Satori! The Shot of a Pledge!"
"Satori! Sakai no ichigeki!" (サトリ! さかいの一撃!) 
March 5, 2013
Feeling immature, Satori looks to her teacher Rui for inspiration on becoming a respectable woman. 
23 "The Eraser Corps Appear!"
"Irezaa gundan toujyou!" (イレザー軍団登場!) 
March 12, 2013
As incidents of data disappearing crop up across the city, Arcadia TV's Todoroki Kenzou is more preoccupied with remembering why that day is special to his wife. 
24 "Soar! Triple Twist Jump!"
"Tobe! Sankaiten jyanpu!" (跳べ! 三回転ジャンプ!) 
March 19, 2013
Rinne gets into a fight with her brother Takumi, Shunsuke suspects the existence of a traitor in Arcadia, and Satori receives a mysterious message. 
25 "The Gyro Ark's Close Call!"
"Jyairoaaku kikippatsu!" (ジャイロアーク危機一髪!) 
March 26, 2013
Shunsuke's suspicions of a traitor in Arcadia are confirmed when a bomb is planted on the Gyro Ark in mid-air. 
26 "RRR Awakens! Secret of the Burst Core"
"Kakusei RRR! Baasutokoa no himitsu" (覚醒RRR!バーストコアの秘密) 
April 2, 2013
When the traitor is revealed and Commander Hisaishi kidnapped, Arcadia rushes to prepare a new type of Gyrozetter to rescue him. 
27 "The Saki from the future"
"Sono saki no mirai kara" (そのサキの未来から) 
April 9, 2013
Saki prepares a report on the events that have transpired so far, and rejoins her colleagues. 
28 "Guiltice's Challenge"
"Girutisu no hatashijou" (ギルティスの果たし状) 
April 16, 2013
The final showdown between Kakeru and Eraser-01 brings forth memories of the past and a revelation. 
29 "Sunset Lightning Slash"
"Yuuyake Raitoningu surasshu" (夕やけライトニングスラッシュ) 
April 23, 2013
New foes appear as Arcadia looks to rescue Gunji Souta from Xenon. 
30 "A desperate situation! Raibird"
"Zettai zetsumei! Raibaado" (絶体絶命!ライバード) 
April 30, 2013
As Souta settles in to life at Arcadia, another giant Xenon Gyrozetter attacks Arcadia to retrieve him. 
31 "The Shining Edition Prophecy"
"Sono yogen wa shainingedishon" (その予言はシャイニングエディション) 
May 7, 2013
Transported to a unthinkable future, Kakeru and Rinne encounter new friends and some familiar faces. 
32 "Roar! Moebius Overdrive!"
"Todoroke! Meviusuoubaadoraibu" (轟け!メヴィウスオーバードライブ) 
May 14, 2013
After returning home, Kakeru and Rinne find that a week has passed and things have changed at Arcadia. 
33 "Shining Edition Targeted"
"Nerawareta SE" (狙われたSE) 
May 21, 2013
34 "A Heart-Pounding Rainy Drive"
"Ame no dokidoki doraibu" (雨のドキドキドライブ) 
May 28, 2013
35 "Ireizā 666 kenzan!" (イレイザー666見参!)  June 4, 2013
36 "Neko to hanabi to natsu matsuri" (ネコと花火と夏まつり)  June 11, 2013
37 "Mahha o koero! Gekisōda Z! !" (マッハをこえろ!激走だZ!!)  June 18, 2013
38 "Kingu no ōdō! Kimeraigā tōjō" (キングの王道!キメライガー登場)  June 25, 2013
39 "Hajimari wa ryūsei no shita de" (はじまりは流星の下で)  July 2, 2013
40 "Zetsubō no tsubasa! Arubarosu o taose!" (絶望の翼!アルバロスを倒せ!)  July 9, 2013
41 "Fushigina koto no fushigina yoru" (不思議な古都の不思議な夜)  July 16, 2013
42 "Minami no shima no abunai natsuyasumi" (南の島のアブナイ夏休み)  July 23, 2013
43 "Kaimaku! Arukadia GP!" (開幕!アルカディアGP!)  July 30, 2013
44 "Tomero! GP hakai keikaku!" (とめろ!GP破壊計画!)  August 6, 2013
45 "Ketchaku! Arukadia GP" (決着!アルカディアGP)  August 13, 2013
46 "Satsuei kaichō! Hīrō wa dareda ?" (撮影快調!ヒーローは誰だ!?)  August 20, 2013


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