Chōsōjū Mecha MG

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Chōsōjū Mecha MG
Box art of Chōsōjū Mecha MG
Box art
Developer(s) Sandlot
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Composer(s) Masafumi Takada
Jun Fukuda
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
  • JP 2 September 2006
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player

Chōsōjū Mecha MG (超操縦メカ MG?, roughly translated as "Super Control Robot MG") is a mech video game developed by Sandlot and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS in Japan. Popular Japanese singer and voice actor Ichirou Mizuki, sung its song heard in the game's Japanese television commercials and trailer.


The player uses the stylus to manipulate a Marionation Gear (MG) on the battlefield. MGs are giant mechs that have been developed from marionettes. The touch screen shows a control panel which varies depending on which MG the player is operating. Actions are performed using the touch screen. They include shooting, jumping, swinging a mech's arm or close-range weapon, changing form, shooting projectiles, etc. There are more than 100 mechs, some of which are able to transform from a vehicle form to a robot form and vice versa, similar to piloted robots from many Japanese television shows.

The gameplay of Chōsōjū Mecha MG is split into a series of over 120 missions, which can range from defeating enemy robots to winning first place in a race. Outside of battle, MGs can be purchased from various shops, and equipped with status boosting items.



The player takes the part of a thirteen-year-old boy who longs to be a "Puppetmaster", or MG (Marionation Gear) operator. This character begins in an apprentice-like position at a Marionation Gear workshop (koubou) along with the owner, the owner's daughter, and a talented young mechanic who befriends the protagonist. When the hero gets his first chance to operate an MG, his town comes under attack by an Automan, an un-piloted MG created by a shadowy rival factory.


Note: Most characters have names of non-Japanese derivation.

A 13-year-old boy who aspires to become a "Puppetmaster" (professional Marionation Gear pilot). While attending school in Chronotown he works at the Galloy factory to further his ambition. He and Kay are good friends and classmates.
A 13-year-old boy whose ambition is to become a professional MG mechanic. A close friend of the hero; their relationship is closer to brotherhood, in fact. To further their dreams he and the protagonist are apprentices together at the Galloy factory.
"Boss" Galloy
The owner of the Galloy factory. He repairs and constructs "Puppets" (MGs). It appears that he traveled the globe in the past; he shares histories with the other mechanics of the Eight Factories. Galloy has been mentoring, even raising, it could be said, the two boys who have worked for him for more than a year.
Melissa Galloy
Galloy's only child, Melissa has been helping out at the factory from a young age and thus has become something of a tomboy. She also holds a special Heavy Hauler driver's license and is responsible for transporting the team from location to location in the Omega Hauler.
Anne-Marie d'Ancoeur
A daughter of the famous d'Ancoeur MG-piloting family, Anne-Marie has been undergoing strict Puppetmaster training since she was a child. As a result she has mastered piloting skills which belie her thirteen years.
Mikogawa Ellie
Ellie is the only daughter of the House of Mikogawa, whose family name is synonymous with Karakuri ningyō automata. Now thirteen, she has been involved in Puppet-crafting all her life and is considered a thoroughbred Puppetmaster.
Ryuu Gauzen
Self-proclaimed "Puppetmaster of Fire". Fourteen years old, and winner of the First Annual Battle Tournament, it seems that he has gained amazing power through some sort of mountain training.
Genius Puppetmaster of the Econo-City Jagrule. Although only twelve years old, he has already become known as without peer in Jagrule. His speciality is racer-type Puppets.
Owner of a shop for after-market Puppet components. His parts hold a reputation for high quality.
Finn Dee
Finn is an employee of the Marionation Gear Hall. She researches all things MG, as well as organizing MG-related events. It appears that Finn, though young, is the one star employee propping up an organization mostly composed of retirees. She is also a good friend of Melissa Galloy.
Head of the Auto (or Wheel) Factory and son of a great family. As a Puppet industrialist he has used his innate business sense to guide the Auto Factory into a position of eminence throughout the world. He is famous both in his own right and as a member of his family.
Heavy Factory head. Dolan is a veteran Puppetcrafter who has been creating heavy construction Puppets for many decades. Although he appears to be a bear of an old codger, his demeanor is in fact bright. Dolan and Galloy have been friends since their youth.
Mokuyō, Chief of the Wood Factory, is an unusual person yet possess surpassing skill. Her bioform Puppets are said to require unusually advanced technical skill to produce.
Cohew is the proprietor of the Spring Factory. He is stubborn, and more than anything, he respects tradition.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

  • In the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, an arranged version of the "Marionation Gear" song is one of the selectable songs for the Metroid-based Norfair stage. It was arranged by the original composer, Masafumi Takada. The game also includes MG mechs that are included as in-game trophies and stickers.

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