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Chadwick Stokes Urmston
Chadurmston photo 2013.JPG
Background information
Birth name Charles Stokes Urmston
Born (1976-02-26) 26 February 1976 (age 39)
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Rock, reggae, funk, acoustic
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Electric guitar, acoustic guitar electric bass (with Dispatch), trombone, djembe, harmonica, piano
Years active 1994–present
Associated acts Dispatch, Hermit Thrush, State Radio

Chad (Chadwick) Stokes Urmston (born February 26, 1976, Boston, Massachusetts, United States) is an American musician. He is the frontman for the Boston, Massachusetts-area bands Dispatch and State Radio, as well as a human rights activist.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Born into a large family, Chad graduated from Dover-Sherborn High School in 1994,[1] and went on to attend both Middlebury College and NYU. During this time, Chad briefly lived in Zimbabwe, where he befriended a local fieldworker named Elias. Later, Urmston wrote a song titled "Elias" for Dispatch's 1996 album "Silent Steeples", which became one of their most well known songs.

Urmston worked for many summers as a camp counselor at Camp Jabberwocky, a Massachusetts based camp for adults with various physical and mental disabilities. He made many lifelong friends at the camp including as Ron Simonsen- a How's Your News? anchor and the inspiration for the State Radio song "Dr. Ron the Actor," lifelong Boston Red Sox fan Manny Furtado, the inspiration for the State Radio song "Right Me Up," and filmmaker Arthur Bradford with whom Chad collaborated for the creation of the How's Your News? MTV mini-series and documentary.

Chad also met his wife Sybil Gallagher at Camp Jabberwocky. Sybil is the State Radio tour manager, the Chairwoman & co-founder of the Calling All Crows organization, and co-founder of the Ruff Shod Record label.

Alongside his Dispatch band members, Chad formed the nonprofit Elias Fund to sponsor community development and education in Zimbabwe, including scholarships for both of Elias's children. After creating the Elias Fund, Chad also formed the Dispatch Foundation, which helps to address social and economic problems in Zimbabwe and the Calling All Crows organization which works to empower women across the globe.[2] He is also involved in the Amplifying Education organization, which helps provide schools in need of critical resources.

Chad was honored as Humanitarian of the Year by the Boston Music Awards in 2008.

Chad writes the majority of his songs about historical and contemporary social issues, and advocates social change in many of his songs.


Chad Urmston with Dispatch in Germany, Hamburg, 2012

In 1995, while attending Middlebury College, Chad met Pete Heimbold and formed the band Hermit Thrush. He later formed a band called One Fell Swoop with Heimbold and Brad Corrigan; this group would ultimately become known as Dispatch. They quickly gained a huge grassroots college following and achieved unprecedented success in the music industry independent of the standard record label control.[2] The band promoted its own tours and music with the help of early file sharing services like Napster to reach thousands of fans. In this manner, they achieved stardom without the typical assistance of album singles played on major radio stations.

In 2004, Dispatch performed a final show at the Hatch Shell in Boston, MA, before taking a long hiatus. Though the band, and the Boston Police Department, expected a crowd of about 20,000, the show attracted over 110,000 fans from all over the world.[3] The Dispatch hiatus lasted almost a decade. It ended in the beginning of 2011, when the band announced a national tour.[2]

With State Radio, Urmston Focused exclusively on guitar and vocals rather than switching instruments as he did with Dispatch. Lyrically, State Radio songs are heavily influenced by politics and social issues as opposed to most Dispatch songs. State Radio originally consisted of second guitarist Pete Halby, bassist Chuck Fay, and drummer Mike Greenfield. After the debut EP "Flag of the Shiners" was released by Fenway Recordings in late 2002, State Radio went on a temporary hiatus throughout 2003 as Urmston recovered from throat surgery.

State Radio reformed in 2004 and began to tour consecutively throughout the next decade with various band line ups. In 2004, the group slimmed-down to a trio with new drummer Brian Sayers. Following the December 2005, release of State Radio's first full-length album, "Us Against the Crown," drummer Michael Najarian replaced Brian Sayers.

State Radio released their second EP entitled "Simmer Kane" in March 2004. This EP was a vast departure in style from State Radio's first EP, "Flag of the Shiners" because it featured acoustic guitar instead of heavy electric guitar, quieter more folk-like song writing and Urmston was assisted with vocals by Erin Lashnits Coughlin aka "Ras LC". The album closely resembled Urmston's later solo work rather than anything performed by State Radio or Dispatch at the time. Between 2006 and 2012, State Radio released four studio albums, five EPs and three live EP albums. However, although the "Live at the Sync" EP includes all State Radio songs, it is a Chad Stokes solo acoustic performance album.

In 2006, Urmston collaborated with Boston local punk band Plan b to record the track "Bandwagon" from their sophomore release; "Welcome! Generations".

In 2007, State Radio began the tradition of launching service projects in each city the band visited. Service projects have become a staple of Urmston's performances. He brought the tradition to Dispatch when the band reunited and encourages service projects and fundraisers in each city where he performs solo.

In December 2007, Urmston briefly reconvened Dispatch for a sold out three-night charity performance at Madison Square Garden, with funds going toward Zimbabwe relief.[2] The band reunited in 2011 and has since performed throughout the United States and Europe. They have since released two EPs and a full-length LP, as well as a double live album and a DVD. On September 2, 2014, Dispatch announced via an email newsletter that they had begun production of their sixth full-length studio album.[4]

Working independently of both Dispatch and State Radio, Urmston released a solo album entitled "Simmerkane II," under the name Chadwick Stokes, and launched a solo tour to promote it. Following a series of "Living Room" concerts, Stokes partially crowdsourced his second full-length solo album "The Horse Comanche", to be released in early 2015.

In the media[edit]

The Dispatch song "Born Normal" was featured in the 1999 film The Boondock Saints.

The State Radio song "Keepsake" was featured in the season three finale of Showtime's dark comedy Weeds.

"Keepsake" was also featured at the end of the episode "Bullet" of Cold Case, in the 2010 version of Hawaii Five-0.

In 2010, State Radio won Best Social Action Song from the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards for "Calling All Crows"

In 2012, Kayem Foods, based in Chelsea, Massachusetts, used the State Radio songs "Right Me Up" and "Sybil I" in a series of hot dog commercials.

The State Radio song "Knights of Bostonia" was featured in the beginning of surf cinematographer Taylor Steele's latest film, "Innersections." The song was played during the opening section, in memory of Andy Irons.


The Elias Fund

The story behind the song "Elias" written by Chad Urmston about his experience living and teaching in Zimbabwe inspired the nonprofit organization the Elias Fund to form in 2005. The Elias Fund looks to provide hope and opportunity to Zimbabwean youth through community development and education while empowering the American youth culture to embrace their global role and make it an active one.

The Dispatch Foundation

In 2007, The Dispatch Foundation was created following the Dispatch Madison Square Garden Reunion benefit concerts. The organization works to address the deep-seated social and economic problems plaguing Zimbabwe such as inflation, starvation, unemployment and HIV/AIDS.

Calling All Crows

In 2008, State Radio started an activist group called Calling All Crows to "inspire public service" and "promote human rights." Currently, they are working with Oxfam America's Stoves for Sudan Project. Calling All Crows is hoping to raise money for 5,000 stoves for 5,000 different women in Sudan through fan activism before concerts.

Amplifying Education

The three members of Dispatch founded the non-profit, Amplifying Education, to encourage volunteers to take on simple actions to help improve schools and support education. The campaign works with the Calling All Crows non-profit to organize tour projects. It has worked with more than 600 fan volunteers working nearly 4,000 hours to improve schools in North America and Europe. The band has also collected more than 10,000 donated books for Better World Books and has raised more than $250,000 to support local organizations.



  • Creston Electric Instruments custom
  • 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior
  • 1979 Fender Stratocaster
  • Modulus G3CT (Customized for Chad with a truck inlay)
  • Township Special AfriCan Gas Can Guitar
  • Guild D40AE Acoustic Guitar
  • Gretsch G5135 Electromatic Corvette
  • Modulus Genesis 3
  • Fender Jazzmaster


  • Fender Hot Rod DeVille Amplifier


  • MXR Micro Amp
  • ProCo The Rat
  • Fulltone Fat Boost
  • Dunlop Crybaby GCB95
  • Menatone The Blue Collar Overdrive
  • Fulltone Supa-Trem
  • Boss DD-5 Digital Delay
  • Rapco AB100
  • Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner



Studio albums[edit]

  • 2011: Simmerkane II - Nettwerk Records
  • 2015: The Horse Comanche - Ruff Shod Records

Live albums and EPs[edit]

  • 2009: Live At the Brattle Theater

State Radio[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

Live albums and EPs[edit]

  • 2005: Live at the Sync
  • 2009: State of Georgia EP
  • 2011: Live At the Boston Pavilion



  • 2007: "Gang of Thieves"
  • 2008: "Knights of Bostonia"

Compilation appearances[edit]


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