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The Chadian Democratic Union (French: Union Démocratique Tchadienne, UDT) was a political party in Chad.


The party was established in November 1947,[1] and was based on the Mutuelle Amicale Tchadienne (MAT) created in 1945 by Joseph Brahim Seid by Mahamat Yakouma, Mustapha Batran, Abdoulaye Touré, Souleymane Naye, Adoum Tchéré and Ahmed Kotoko. The UDT was founded mainly by African traditional leaders, including Gontchomé Sahoulba and represented French commercial interests and a bloc of traditional leaders composed primarily of Muslim and Ouaddaïan nobility. It was linked with gthe Rally of the French People, a Gaullist conservative political party representing the Europeans in Chad, and also sided with the other political parties founded in Chad by European expatriates.

Members of the UDT party at first won easily local elections; in the 1951 elections to the French National Assembly the party won both second college seats. However, from 1953 it began to be superseded by Chadian Social Action, which had broken away from the UDT. As a result the UDT started dissolving itself, having also come under threat from the emergence of the Chadian Progressive Party (PPT), which was more radical and nationalistic. In the 1957 Territorial Assembly elections, which saw a victory for the PPT, the UDT had only a marginal role as an ally of the PPT.

The party was dissolved in 1960.[1]