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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chai.

Chai Jing (Chinese: 柴静; pinyin: Chái Jìng; born on January 1, 1976) in Linfen, Shanxi Province in Northern China, is a Chinese journalist, host and author.

Personal life[edit]

Education experiences[edit]


When she was 15 years old, Chai went to Changsha Railway Institute in Changsha, Hunan Province, majoring in accounting. At that time, she wrote a letter to a famous host at a local radio station,said:"Could you help me to fulfill my dream?"Immediately,the host contacted her to have an interview.And then she was hired and work on the program.After graduation,in 1994, she hosted Gentle Moonlight (夜色温柔) at Hunan Arts Radio. After four years, in 1998, she went to Beijing Open University to specialize in television communications. During that time she also hosted New Youth(新青年)at Hunan TV. In 2001, she became a host and reporter of Oriental Horizon•Horizon Connection (东方时空•时空连线)at CCTV. In 2003, she became an Investigative Journalist during the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) disaster, risking her life. In 2009,she left Investigative Journalism and anchored in 24 Hours(24小时) and hosted One on One (面对面) at News Channel. In 2011, she and became one of the hosts of weekend edition Seeing (看见).

Professional experiences[edit]

Public evaluates Chai as a journalist stands in the closest place from the news with her sharpness, persistence to become an excellent journalist. As what Chai said, “Journalism is my profession and also way of life.” she shows people what should a reporter is with her working experiences. Chai is famous for her direct, cut-to-the point interview technique. Chai left a deep impression on people during the events of Severe acute respiratory syndrome disaster, Wenchuan earthquake and various coal mining accidents.

When the disaster severe acute respiratory syndrome covered people with fear, in 2003, Chai offered to investigate it and became the first one of the reporters interviewed SARS in the forefront. Chai impressed people a lot with her performance in the disaster. Thrilling atmosphere, shaking of the camera, white protective clothing, emaciated figure and pale face combined her impressing appearance.

Chai went to Wenchuan directly after the earthquake in 2008 to report the disaster. Chai chose to live with the refugees to feel serious living conditions. Chai compiled the experiences into a program called Seven Days at Yangping. As the program first broadcast, it attracted a lot of attention with its style of narration and humanitarian emphasis. A seasoned CCTV worker commented, “In past shows Chai was always obviously aware of being young and pretty. It was in this program that she became an adult. ”

Experiences of so-called corruption accusation[edit]

On September 19, 2009, Chai was attacked by an article named Famous CCTV hostess Chai Jing arrested today on suspicion of taking bribes. A netizen called “Wujinger1” made the post. On the evening of September 20, Chai made a blog post to dispel the rumor. Before long, Chai experienced the same thing again. On July 13, 2010, an article called CCTV hostess Chai Jing was taken away by the procuratorate again today written by a netizen named “吴静儿1” aimed Chai in the name of corruption. Chai felt calm to the accusation. Just when the matter seemed over, the fact showed up. It indicated that the two so-called charges were directed by the same person, Wu Zhibo, who wanted to make him famous. He seemed to apologize to Chai and he said Chai was his idol. The reason why he unleashed the waves of bribery was to let netizens know more about Chai.[1][2][3][3][4][5][6][7][8]


  • One on One (面对面) is a 45 minute personal interview and biographical show of celebrities, current events and authority figures.
  • Insight, which began in 2010, was hosted by Jing on the weekend edition. The multimedia program observes life changes and people’s desires, thoughts and perceptions in the rapid transformation of the time. The goal is to improve understanding among people.[4][9]


  • Jing, Chai. (2001). Use My Lifetime To Forget Autobiography. (Chinese:用我一辈子去忘记). Hainan Publishing House.[10]
  • Jing, Chai. (2013). Kanjian or Insight Autobiography. (Chinese:看见). Guangxi Normal University Press.[11]


  • In 2003, Correspondent of the Year for investigative journalism of the fight against SARS
  • In 2008,Annual Green Characters Moving China in 2007
  • In 2009, she won the Capital Association of Female Reporters speech contest
  • In 2010, she won the Golden Camera Prize of the Potatoes Festival. She was chosen as one of the Annual Top Ten Hosts of CCTV[2]


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