Chaitya Bhoomi

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Chaitya Bhoomi
A Sanchi gate and Ashokan piller at Chaity Bhoomi.png
Replica of the Sanchi gate and Ashokan piller at Chaity Bhoomi.
Location Dadar, Maharashtra
Dedicated to Dr B.R. Ambedkar

Chaitya Bhoomi is a memorial to Dr. B R Ambedkar, Chief architect of Indian Constitution. Earlier known as Dadar Chowpatty it began to be known as Chaitya Bhoomi after Babasaheb Ambedkar was cremated here after his death on 6 December 1956.

Structural Details[edit]

The structure is square in shape with a small dome divided into ground and mezzanine floors. In the square shaped structure is a circular wall about 1.5 metres in height. In the circular area are placed the bust of Dr. B. R. alias Babasaheb Ambedkar and a statue of Gautam Buddha. The circular wall has two entrances and is furnished with marble flooring. On the mezzanine floor there is a Stupa, besides the resting place for Bhikkhus. The Chaitya Bhoomi was inaugurated by the learned Smt. Meerabai Yashvantrao Ambedkar, the daughter-in-law of B. R. Ambedkar, on December 5, 1971.[1] [2] [3] Here, the relics of Ambedkar are enshrined.[4]

Mahaparinirvan Din[edit]

Ambedkar's death anniversary, 6 December, is observed as Mahaparinirvan Din. Lakhs of people across the nation throng Chaityabhoomi to pay homage to him on this day has become an old custom.[5]


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