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Chakri Vakilan (Urdu:چڪرى وكيلاں ) is a village in Gujar Khan Tehsil, Rawalpindi District, Pakistan. The village is about 6 miles from Gujar Khan on the road from Gujar Khan to Daultala.

Gulyana, Cheena, Mardyal, Patt, Dhoke Khokar are few villages located in the neighbourhood of Chakri Vakilan.


The name Chakri comes from Chak meaning small village. Vakilan comes from Vakil meaning solicitor. So combination of both words Chakri Vakilan would mean small village of solicitors. This village is also famous for the shrine of Sufi saint Baba Sahib Subhan.
Bhatti Rajpoot, Gakhar Rajpoot, Kalyal Rajpoot are the main castes living in the village. There are several martyrs from this village who laid their lives in the service of the country, namely:

  • Raja Tariq Kiyani(martyred in 1971 war), an army jawan;
  • Raja Mubashar Khalid (shaheed), a police officer(fighting against terrorist) on 27th feb 1999 at RA bazaar Rawalpindi
  • ASI Raja Imran Khalid also embraced shahahat on 25th of March 2013 in dhoke khaba police station rawalpindi during the process of arresting wanted criminal Raheel s/o Naseer .

Village Sports[edit]

The village dwellers take particular interest in sports. Cricket, Volleyball (Shoot ball), football, Hockey and tent pegging are particularly followed. Cricket was brought to Chakri by Abdul Razaq Abbas Raja in 1970s and since the village has produced some fine players in the game. Waheed Akmal, Nasir Subhani, Raja Asim zia Kiyani, Raja Aamir zia Kiyani (famous as zia brothers), Ihsan-ul-Haq were arguably the finest players of the local village level Cricket. There are no notable performances in football or volleyball although the village team often competes at local levels.

Tent pegging has seen its rise in the village in mid to late 1990s. Currently the village has 8 horses and mares, 6 of which compete on a regular basis. Chakri has not only become famous for its horses but also for its skilled riders. Raja Abdullah Abbas, more famously known as Raja Tipu, was the first rider of the village for the modern day horse-only (No mares) tent pegging competitions. Some young emerging riders such as Choudry Shahbaz, Choudry Ali Raza and Raja Shahzad are also important contributors to the sports however Raja Haider Abbas is by far the most successful rider and trainer in terms of achievements.

Coordinates: 33°11′N 73°16′E / 33.183°N 73.267°E / 33.183; 73.267