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Chalan Piao is a village on the southwestern area of Saipan and the capital and largest island in the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. It is bordered on the north by Chalan Kanoa, on the east by As Perdido village and on the south by San Antonio village. To the west is the Pacific Ocean.

Chalan Piao translated from the Chamorro language means bamboo road. Chalan means road and piao means bamboo. The Chamorro language is spoken by the indigenous inhabitants of Saipan and the rest of the Mariana Islands, mainly Rota/Luta, Tinian and Guahan/Guam.

Chalan Piao is the residence of several native Chamorro families, most notable among these is the Cabrera family. To the east bordering As Perdido village is the Potu branch of the Cabrera family. To the west bordering the Pacific Ocean is the Tamat branch.


Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Public School System operates local public schools. Hopwood Junior High School is located in Chalan Piao.

Coordinates: 15°08′32″N 145°42′03″E / 15.1422°N 145.7008°E / 15.1422; 145.7008