Archeparchy of Diyarbakir

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Archeparchy of Diyarbakır
Amidensis Chaldaeorum
Diyarbakır'dan bir Archeparchy
Country Turkey
- Catholics
(as of 2006)
Parishes 9
Rite Chaldean rite
Established 1553 (As Eparchy of Diarbekir)
3 January 1966 (As Archeparchy of Diarbekir)
Cathedral Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Diyarbakır
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako
Archbishop Sede Vacante
Apostolic Administrator Joseph Pallikunnel

The Archeparchy of Diyarbakır is the only Chaldaean rite diocese in Turkey. It is a 1966 revival of the Chaldean Diocese of Amid, and the bishop lives in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

The bishop is a suffragan to the Patriarch of Babylon.

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Coordinates: 41°01′N 28°58′E / 41.017°N 28.967°E / 41.017; 28.967