Challenge Cup (Austro-Hungarian Empire)

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Challence Cup 1899 winners First Vienna FC.

The Challenge Cup was an international competition for association football clubs. It was invented in 1897 in Vienna by John Gramlick, who was one of the founders of Vienna Cricket and Football-Club. The competition was open for all clubs in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but practically all the participating teams came from the three major cities Vienna, Budapest and Prague.[1] It was played in a knockout format.[2]

The trophy was to be kept by the first team to win it in three consecutive seasons. In 1903 the rule was changed and the trophy is now in the possession of its last winner Wiener Sport-Club. The Challenge Cup was ceased in 1911. Today it is seen as the predecessor to the Austrian Cup started in 1918 and the Mitropa Cup that was established in 1927.[1]

Finals 1898–1911[edit]

Season Winners Runners-Up Result
1897/98 Vienna Cricket FC Wiener FC 1898 7–0
1898/99 First Vienna FC AC Viktoria Wien 4–1
1899/00 First Vienna FC Vienna Cricket FC 2–0
1900/01 Wiener AC SK Slavia Prague 1–0
1901/02 Vienna Cricket FC Budapesti TC 2–1
1902/03 Wiener AC ČAFC Královské Vinohrady w.o.
1903/04 Wiener AC Vienna Cricket FC 7–0
1904/05 Wiener Sport-Club Magyar AC 2–1
1905/06 not held
1906/07 not held
1907/08 not held
1908/09 Ferencvárosi TC Wiener Sport-Club 2–1
1909/10 not held
1910/11 Wiener Sport-Club Ferencvárosi TC 3–0


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