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Chalomot Be'aspamia (Lit.: Dreams in Aspamia, an expression meaning unattainable dreams, pipe dreams) is an Israeli magazine of science fiction and fantasy short stories. It is published since 2002 by Ron Yaniv. Its first editor was Vered Tochterman. In 2007, Israeli writer Nir Yaniv became chief editor.

The magazine (often referred to simply as Aspamia) is a slickly-produced, large format publication with colour covers. It is nationally-distributed. It is also available by subscription and in Israeli conventions.

It is dedicated to nurturing original Hebrew short stories, though it publishes one or two translated short stories by well-known writers in each issue. It has also published some translated fiction by Israeli authors writing in English.

Writers published regularly in Chalomot Be'aspamia include Nir Yaniv, Vered Tochterman, Guy Hasson and Lavie Tidhar.

There have been 18 issues to 2007. Those include a special unnumbered theme issue (published between issues 15-16) named "Waking Dream", for which a number of Israeli writers were asked to write stories occurring within the same invented universe.

As a part of the changes introduced by the editorship change, it was declared that as of issue 17, every issue will have a theme. Issue 17's theme is "Time".

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