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For his son, the lawyer, see C. Grenville Alabaster.
Chaloner Alabaster, British Consular Official in China

Sir Chaloner Grenville Alabaster (1838–1898) was an English administrator in China.

He was born in Bournemouth, and attended King's College London. In 1855, he went to China as a student interpreter, remaining there during the First and Second Opium Wars and the Taiping Rebellion. Between 1869 and 1873, he was British Vice-Consul in Shanghai and subsequently became Consul General at Hankow, Wuhan from 1880 to 1886 then at Canton from 1886 until 1891. He retired in 1892 and received a knighthood. He died in 1898.[1]

He was buried in East Cemetery, Bournemouth, England.[2]

In 1875, Chaloner married Laura, daughter of Dr. D. J. MacGowan of New York. He was also a freemason.[3]

His son, also called Chaloner Grenville Alabaster became Attorney General in Hong Kong from 1930 to 1945. His son went by the first name Grenville.