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The Chalukya Express is a train that originates from Pondicherry/Tirunelveli Junction and terminates at Dadar in Mumbai. This train belongs to the Central Railway zone and is hence numbered 11005/11006 and 11021/11022.

11017 Chalukya Express
Chalukya Express

This train runs via the Karnataka region, following a Yeswanthpur-Hubli-Belgaum-Miraj route, giving a panoramic view of rural Karnataka. It operates 6 days per week in each direction - 3 days to Pondicherry and 3 days to Tirunelveli Junction. The train covers the distance in 30 hrs 5 minutes. This route is longer and comprises certain ghats.


This train gets its name from the Chalukya Dynasty that ruled the Karnataka region.


The train's route was extended to Pondicherry and Tirunelveli Junction on 16 October 2012, as per the Railway Budget 2012 from Yeswanthpur.

Pondicherry : Start :- 20:15 Tue, Wed, Sat
Reach :- 05:50 Thu, Fri, Mon

Tirunelveli : Start :- 14:45 Mon, Thu, Fri
Reach :- 05:50 Wed, Sat, Sun