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A chamber lock is a method of securing a firearm against accidental discharge.

Chamber locks are used to prevent live ammunition from loading into a firearm by blocking the chamber with a dummy (fake) cartridge. The cartridge is sometimes wedged into place with the use of a tool, in essence jamming the gun. Another type is one in which a steel rod is locked into the safety cartridge with a key. As long as the rod and safety cartridge are engaged, the dummy round cannot eject nor can live ammunition be loaded into the firearm.

Chamber locks work with most firearm types including revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns. They are available in any caliber and length, and may include such features as unique keying, rapid removal, and rigorous testing and certification by major state departments such as the California Department of Justice.

Major manufacturers include:

  • Interbore
  • Omega Lock
  • VisuaLock