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For other uses, see Chamber of Peers.
The Chamber of Peers in session

The Chamber of Peers (Portuguese: Câmara dos Pares) was the upper house in the Portuguese parliament.

It was established before the Liberal Wars. The king appointed a number of the highest nobility to the chamber. It was composed of 90 peerages, who did not have a hereditary right to sit by descent, but were nominated by the king.

The chamber existed from 1826-1838 and again from 1842-1910, when it was known as the Chamber of Peers of the Realm (Câmara dos Pares do Reino).[1][2]

One of the members was João Afonso da Costa de Sousa de Macedo, 1st Duke of Albuquerque.

The chamber met at the São Bento Palace.[3] The successor of the chamber was the Senate.[4]


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