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Aerial view of Island Bay, looking northward.
Cocina Island

Punta Perula is a small town in the state of Jalisco, its name means place where the waters of the first settlers were Ramon rodriguez plazola known as the "Chilero" Judas also name an old man whose name is Michel Flaviano meet.. on the west coast of Mexico. The town of Chamela sits on the south end of a bay called the Bahía de Chamela, or "Chamela Bay", on Federal Highway 200. San Mateo and Punta Pérula are the two other towns on the bay. It is 8 miles north of the better known resort of Careyes.

Chamela was a port during Spanish colonial times, often visited by galleons. Ruins of a colonial era fortification, named after Alonso de Avalos, still remain.

Also known as Island Bay, Chamela's islands were declared a protected nature sanctuary by the Mexican government on April 9, 2001. It is a mostly undeveloped tourism destination, although several companies have announced plans to develop resorts on the bay.[1]

A project to develop a marina on the bay's north point (Punta Perula) has been superseded by Roberto Hernandez Ramirez plan to develop a marina in Careyes, approximately 8 miles to the south.


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