Chameleon (The Four Seasons album)

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Studio album by The Four Seasons
Released May 1972
Recorded 1972
Genre Pop-rock
Length 33:33
Label Mowest
Producer Bob Gaudio
The Four Seasons chronology
Half & Half
Who Loves You
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Chameleon is a 1972 album by The Four Seasons notable for being their only album recorded for Motown. The album met with limited success in the US; no single was even issued from the album in America. "The Night", however, met with success in the UK and peaked at No. 7 in 1975, becoming a Northern Soul mainstay.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Track Song Time
1 "A New Beginning (Prelude)" 1:21
2 "Sun Country" 4:07
3 "You're a Song (That I Can't Sing)" 3:11
4 "The Night" 3:22
5 "A New Beginning" 4:45
6 "When the Morning Comes" 4:37
7 "Poor Fool" 4:20
8 "Touch the Rainchild" 4:22
9 "Love Isn't Here (Like it Used to Be)" 3:44

Non-album singles[edit]

The following singles were recorded during the band's tenure at Motown; none of these appeared on Chameleon. Some, however, turned up on Frankie Valli's 1975 solo album Inside You.[3]

  • Walk On, Don't Look Back - MoWest 5026
  • How Come?/Life and Breath - Motown 1255
  • Hickory/Charisma - Motown 1288
  • You've Got Your Troubles/Listen to Yesterday - Motown 1251
  • The Scalawag Song (And I Will Love You) - Motown 1279


Although reception at the time of release was lukewarm, opinions today from both fans and critics are very positive.[4] Noted for the distinctive Motown sound combined with the sounds of the Four Seasons, the album's "slick pop production values" made for a unique album in their catalog.[5] Unavailable on Compact Disc until 2008, the compilation Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons: The Motown Years finally made this album, Frankie Valli's Inside You, and non album singles accessible to a new audience on a 2 disc set.


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