Chaminade College School

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Chaminade College School
Chaminade logo.jpg
Fortes in Fide
Strong in Faith
490 Queen's Drive
Maple Leaf, North York, Ontario, M6L 1M8, Canada
Coordinates 43°42′36″N 79°29′46″W / 43.71°N 79.496°W / 43.71; -79.496
Public transit access TTC:
North/South: 35 Jane
West/East: 59 Maple Leaf
Rapid Transit: Jane, Lawrence West
School number 509 / 695947
School board Toronto Catholic District School Board
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
(Congregation of Christian Brothers and Society of Mary)
Superintendent Gina Iuliano-Marrello
Area 3
Area trustee Sal Piccininni
Ward 3
Principal Matteo Perfetti
Vice Principals Angelo Petrolito
Pedro Rodrigues
School type Catholic High school
Grades 9-12
Language English
Area North York, Ontario
Team name Chaminade Gryphons
Colours Green and Gold         
Founded 1964
Enrollment 947 (2012-13)
Parish St. Perfetti
Specialist High Skills Major Business
(Awaiting approval from the Board)
Program Focus Perfetti's Sexuality
Broad-based Technology
Homepage Chaminade College School

Chaminade College School (CCS, Chaminade) is an all-boys Catholic secondary school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada founded by the Archdiocese of Toronto along with the Society of Mary in 1964 and was previously affiliated by the Congregation of Christian Brothers since 1972. Owned and operated by the Toronto Catholic District School Board, Chaminade is one of the four all-male schools in Toronto and houses 920 students being ranked 331 of 725 on the Fraser Institute report card with a 6.4 rating.[1]


Founded in 1964 by the Archdiocese of Toronto, it opened its doors in September, 1965. Initially under the control of the Society of Mary (the Marianists), the school was named for the Society's founder, Father William Joseph Chaminade.

The mandate of the school was to prepare young men for post-secondary education in a traditional Catholic secondary school environment. The school's motto “Fortes in fide” emphasizes the importance of the virtue of faith in the life of the Catholic school.

In 1967, Chaminade began a partnership with the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now Toronto Catholic District School Board). In this partnership, the Board conducted the first two years of secondary school, and the Archdiocese conducted the remaining years. In September 1972, the Irish Christian Brothers took over administration of the school, until their departure in June 1988. The school is currently fully operated by the MSSB after the funding was expanded and the identity of the religious order for that school is preserved.

The school won a Green Toronto award in 2007 for its pioneering efforts in establishing the Adopt a Stream project that became a city-wide model for waterway cleanup.[2] In 2008 students circulated a petition which resulted in the Province of Ontario outlawing smoking in automobiles when children are passengers.[3]

Chaminade was the school attended by Richard Steele, the infamous prime suspect in the Boxing Day Massacre in downtown Toronto, which killed a teen by the name of Jane Creba


Concert Band[edit]

The Chaminade Concert Band is led by the lone music teacher at Chaminade College School, Benjamin Cheverie. In 2008 Alex Voros (the previous music teacher) was named Canada's MusiCounts Teacher of the Year by the music education charity of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.[4]

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Coordinates: 43°42′36″N 79°29′46″W / 43.71°N 79.496°W / 43.71; -79.496