Chamkani (Pashtun tribe)

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The Tsamkani (Pashto: څمکني‎ tsamkanī), also transliterated as Chamkani and Samkani, are a small Ghilzai sub-tribe of the Pashtuns, living in Tsamkani District of northern Paktia Province of Afghanistan, and in neighboring districts of Paktia Province. Some members of the tribe are found in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, particularly in Parachinar and Tirah Valley, and in Peshawar.

The Tsamkani tribe are further divided into the Mada Khel, the Kamzai, the Babu Khel, the Darman Khel, the Sulaiman Khel (not to be confused with the Sulaiman Khel superclan), the Baghiar, Para Tsamkani, and the Hisarak.