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Avalon Pond, part of Everett Crowley Park.

Champlain Heights is a neighbourhood in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Champlain Heights was one of the last areas of Vancouver to be urbanized. Located in the extreme south eastern corner of Vancouver, Champlain Heights is often closely associated to the neighbourhood of Killarney and consists mainly of various townhouse complexes and co-op housing units.

It is not uncommon for visitors to Champlain Heights to get lost due to the numerous winding tree-lined streets and cul-de-sacs.

Everett Crowley Park, a 40-hectare park (the city's 5th largest) and a former city dump, is located in the area. The park is named after Everett Crowley, former city planner and parks board commissioner.

The majority of the Champlain Heights area is leasehold property, with a 99-year lease with the City of Vancouver.

The area is serviced by Champlain Heights Elementary School, designed by one of Canada's foremost architects, Arthur Erickson. Champlain Heights Elementary School services grades K-7. Many of the grade fours at the Annex transfer to the mainschool. The school has many different extracurricular programs like French/German choir, knitting club, volleyball, and basketball.

There is also a primary Annex located on Champlain Crescent which provides quality education to children in Kindergarten to Grade Three. The Annex (affectionately known to community members as "The Little Red School on the Top of the Hill"[citation needed]) also provides program space to other community groups - including a program for children age newborn to 5 years and their caregivers/parents and community space to the nearby public recreation center. As of 2010, it is slated for potential closure by the Vancouver School Board, despite the school being in the center of the neighbourhood and a hub of activity in the small, mixed community.