Chancheng District

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Foshan Ancestral Temple
Foshan Ancestral Temple
Country China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture Foshan
 • Total 154.68 km2 (59.72 sq mi)
 • Total 960,000
 • Density 6,200/km2 (16,000/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 528000
Chancheng District
Simplified Chinese 禅城区
Traditional Chinese 禪城區
Cantonese Jyutping sim4 sing4 keoi1
Cantonese Yale Sìhmsìhng Kēui
Hanyu Pinyin Chánchéng Qū
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 禅城
Traditional Chinese 禪城
Cantonese Jyutping sim4 sing4
Cantonese Yale Sìhmsìhng
Hanyu Pinyin Chánchéng

Chancheng District is a district under the administration of Foshan city, in Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China.


The district lies at the center of Foshan, surrounded on the east, west, and north sides by the Nanhai District and bordered to the south by the Shunde District.

Administration divisions[edit]

Chancheng is the economic, cultural and political center of the city as well as the home of the city government. The district covers a total area of 154.68 square kilometres (59.72 sq mi), and has a population of 960,000 people (including itinerant residents).[when?] Chancheng lies on relatively flat land.

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin
Zumiao Subdistrict 祖庙街道 Zǔmiào Jiēdào
Shiwanzhen Subdistrict 石湾镇街道 Shíwānzhèn Jiēdào
Zhangcha Subdistrict 张槎街道 Zhāngchá Jiēdào
Nanzhuang 南庄镇 Nánzhuāng Zhèn

Coordinates: 23°01′17″N 113°07′42″E / 23.02139°N 113.12833°E / 23.02139; 113.12833