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Before the 10th century, the north of India was mainly ruled by clans of Chauhans. Chanda (a clan of Zamindar Mina) is one of the branch from Chauhans. Chandas ruled Khoganw (Now part of Jaipur) and were head of the confederation of Meena kingdoms. Khoganw was the last kingdom which was overtaken by Kachwaha. Most of the Chanda history has been distorted by later rulers of the region.

However, according to the records maintained by Jagas of Rajasthan for Chanda clan, reveals history about Chanda clan and Kingdoms. As per Jagas, Chanda Meenas are Agnivanshis and a sub clan of Chauhans.

The son of the king Prathvi Raj of Delhi was married to the daughter of the King Alan Singh Chanda [5]. This also reveals the link between Chandas and Chauhans. Other interesting fact, Chauhan claim to be descended from Dhundhar and historically before Kachwahas it was ruled by dynasty of Chanda Meenas (approximately till the 10th century).

NOTE: Jaga is a caste in Rajasthan, who hereditarily keeps the genealogical records of Meenas.


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