Chandana Jayarathne

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Dr Chandana Jayarathne
Born Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan
Education Nalanda College Colombo
Occupation Physicists
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Prof. Chandana Jayarathne (Sinhala: මහාචාර්ය චන්දන ජයරත්න) is a Sri Lankan physicist specialising in Physics (Atmospheric & Lightning).[1] He is a Professor in Physics (Atmospheric & Lightning) at University of Colombo Sri Lanka and also a past President of Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka.[2]

He is a product of Nalanda College Colombo and a graduate of University of Colombo with a B.Sc (Physics Special). He received his PhD from Uppsala University Sweden for Atmospheric Physics.[3]

He was the Centennial Year President of Rotary Club of Colombo Central in 2004 / 2005. Jayarathne is also the Consultant of the Astronomy and Space Applications division of the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies.


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