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Chandannath Mandir (चन्दननाथमन्दीर) is a Hindu temple in Jumla, Nepal. It is located at Khalanga Bazar Jumla.[1]


It was built during the Kallala Dynasty also known as Kalyal Dynasty. People believe that there was a person named Chandannath of Kashmir who brought the statue of the god Narayan and put it at the location of the temple, prompting construction during the Kallala Dynasty. The is used much during festivals like Shivaratri, Ghatasthapana, Dashain and other Hindu festivals.

Some local people also believe that there was a cow, who didn't give milk to her owner in the home(cow shed)but she went to the place(now,where a temple exists)and give her milk day her owner knew that and told all the villagers.Than they established this temple.[2]


In this temple local people change lingo every year.The lingo is timber of length approx.more than 52 feet which is coloured with brick red colour and a huge cloth is stitched around it, which makes it looks like a triangular flag. People strongly believe that something wrong is going to be happened if that lingo is break during change.

Large number of people are particularly seen in the temple on the occasion of Jatras, Ghatasthapana, Dashain and Shiva Ratri.

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