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Chandler Darby is an American film actor. Best known for his role in Dance of the Dead (2008 film) distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment. Taking time for college, he has been studying acting at the University of Northern Colorado and is due to graduate in May 2014. He has already signed his first professional theater contract taking on the lead role of Benjamin Braddock in “The Graduate”, due to open June 2014 in Denver at The Edge Theatre. He recently completed filming “The Thin Line”, a film about undercover cops stumbling upon human trafficking. Among his numerous performances at Northern Colorado, he performed alongside guest artist Lucy Peacock, one of the leading actresses of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada, in “Queen Lear” - an adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear. He also participated in an internationally renowned theater program at Gainesville High School (Georgia) and has been in over 50 full service plays and musicals including performing at the Edinburgh International Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.[1]


Year Title Role
2012 Reed Between the Lines Episode 201 (BET) Entertainer
2010 Christmas Cupid (ABC Family)[2] Darin
2010 Six Degrees of Desperation Peter Bacon
2010 Dixie Times[3] Brent
2008 Dance of the Dead (2008 film) (Lionsgate) Steven
2007 Sons of Gods Prologue[4] Piotr Shanus
2007 Daddy's Little Girls (Lionsgate)[5] Extra
2006 Tuesday Matinee Julian
2006 Stache Dance Tim Diesel


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