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Chandrakar, Chandraker, Chandra or Chandrawanshi ([चंद्राकर/चंद्रा/चंद्रवंशी]) are surnames used by the Chandranahu community, living in the Central Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

In Chhattisgarh, Kurmis are divided into 24 sub sects. Of these, Chandranahu are one of most widespread and comparatively developed communities, along with the Manwa Kurmis. All Chandranahu's are Hindus.

Chandranahu is an old cultivator community, which arrives at Chhattisgarh in the 17th Century (probably during the time of the Mugal Emperor Badshah Aurangjeb). The live mainly in Durg, Rajnandgaon, Raipur, Mahasamund, Dhamtari, Kawardha, Bilaspur, Janjgir, Raigarh, Korba districts.

The "Chandranahu" residing mainly in Raipur, Durg, Dhamtari and Mahasamund Districts ( before formation of new districts), use Chandrakar or Chandraker as suffix.

The Chandranahu living in Bilaspur, Raigarh, Champa-Janjgir and some part of Raipur Districts( before formation of new districts) mainly use Chandra as a suffix with their name.

The Chandranahu in Kawardha and Rajnandgaon ( before formation of new districts) use Chandrawanshi as a suffix with their name.

Prominent past and present figures in the Chandranahu community[edit]

  • The late Chandu Lal Chandrakar, A famous Indian politician/journalist. Member of the Lok Sabha from the Durg Constituency and the only active imaginator of the Chhattisgarh State. He was the first to interview Richard Nixon following Nixon's election as President of mighty USA.
  • Purushottam Lal Kaushik (Chandrakar), Ex MLA Mahasamund, Ex Member of Lok Sabha from the Raipur and Durg Constituencies, Ex Central Minister.
  • Late Ram Lal Chandrakar, Indian freedom fighter and ex-MLA/Minister in M.P.
  • Dr. Khetram Chandrakar, now settled in the UK.
  • Agni Chandrakar, an ex MLA of Mahasamund.
  • Ajay Chandrakar, Cabinet Minister, Panchayat and Rural Development, Tourism and Cultural, Parliament Affair, Govt of C.G.
  • Smt. Pratima Chandrakar, an MLA.
  • Dr. Saroj Chandrakar, Principal/Director, Central College of Engineering, Raipur.
  • P. Chandra, M E (Struct.), a well known Civil Structural Design Engineer and IT Panel Valuer.
  • Rang Nath Chandrakar, High Court Judge, Bilaspur.
  • Ujiyala Prasad Chandrakar, Ex Chief Engineer, C.G. Irrigation, Raipur.

agni chandrakar is ex MLA on Mahasamund