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Chandran Rutnam
Rutnam in 1991
Born Chandran Rutnam
(1948-07-22) July 22, 1948 (age 65)
Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan
Occupation Film director, producer, screenwriter, entrepreneur
Known for Film making
Title President & CEO of Asian Film Locations Services
Chairman of Asian Aviation Centre
Chief Consultant at
Religion Christian
Children James, Daniel, Evelyn, Chanel & Danara
Asian Film Locations Services
Asian Aviation Centre

Chandran Rutnam (born July 22, 1948) is a film maker from Sri Lanka who has been in Los Angeles for more than 38 years. Rutnam brought numerous Hollywood movies to Sri Lanka. He worked as the production supervisor in Sri Lanka for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) amongst many other Hollywood movies.

Rutnam written, directed and produced film The Road from Elephant Pass was a Finalist Award Winner at the New York International Television and Film Awards – 2011.

Rutnam is an award winning director for the movie A Common Man at the Madrid International Film Festival as the Best Director.[1]

Rutnam Co-Screenplayed, Directed and Edited Film Sri Siddhartha Gauthama was the winner of Best Film in the World Cinema Section at the Delhi International Film Festival-2013.

Steven Spielberg once referred to Rutnam as "Our most valued friend in the Far East".[2][3][4]

He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian Film Location Services which mostly hosts foreign films to be shot in South and South East Asia.

He founded the once-popular local airline company, Lionair and currently owns the Asian Aviation Centre in Sri Lanka.

He is the Chief Consultant at which promotes Films, Film Location Services, Leisure & Entertainment industries via Digital Media.


Rutnam Co-Screenplayed, Directed and Edited Film Sri Siddhartha Gauthama is the winner of Best Film in the World Cinema Section at the Delhi International Film Festival-2013.
Rutnam (right) with Ben Kingsley (left) and Ben Cross (centre) at a Railway Station in Sri Lanka, during shooting of the Rutnam-directed film A Common Man.
Chandran Rutnam with Steven Spielberg, in the Gala Dinner held on December 9, 2009 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, honoring Steven Spielberg.
Chandran Rutnam, a Finalist Award Winner, is seen with the award in the presence of Judith Rutnam (Third from Left), James Rutnam (Fourth from Left) and other personalities at the 2011 New York International Television and Film Awards which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in conjunction with the NAB Show. In the Best Film category, five films were selected by the New York Festivals Grand Jury and out of over 150 films, from 36 countries, the Sri Lanka film, The Road from Elephant Pass, directed, produced and written by Chandran Rutnam, was a Finalist Award Winner, judged by an International Panel of the world's best creative professionals.

Chandran Rutnam was born to a Sri Lankan Tamil father Dr. James T. Rutnam and a Sinhala mother Evelyn Wijeratne, who gave him all his yearning for freedom and adventure. Rutnam was a school boy when David Lean arrived in Sri Lanka to shoot his Second World War epic, The Bridge on the River Kwai. The film crew hired a house that belonged to his parents for the shooting.[2][3] Due to this exposure, to the consternation of his parents, he dropped out of school and went to London to pursue his dream of a career in films. He later moved to the United States and attended the film school at the University of Southern California and the San Fernando Valley College of Law. While working in Hollywood studios, Rutnam's break in selling Sri Lankan locations to international filmmakers came when he managed to convince John Derek, director of Tarzan the Apeman, to shoot the film starring his wife Bo Derek, in Sri Lanka rather than Africa.[2][3][4]

He is a brother of Jayam Rutnam, the founder of the Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California(SLAASC).

Film career[edit]

Tarzan, the Ape Man[edit]

Ghosts Cant Do It[edit]

  • He also took Bo and John Derek to beaches in Bentota to film Ghosts Can't Do It. There is a carving on a stone in Bentota, which says "Great Scot Loves You" – a message from late John to Bo.

Mother Teresa[edit]

Adara Kathawa[edit]

  • Rutnam also brought to life a beautiful love story between a Tamil boy and a Sinhalese girl in Adara Kathawa (Love Story in Sinhalese) based on the story of his parents. This was prior to the commencement of the current Sri Lankan civil war in 1983.


  • He also wrote and directed the Sinhala film, Poronduwa (1993).[2][3]


The Road from Elephant Pass[edit]

A Common Man[edit]

According To Mathew[edit]

Prince of Malacca[edit]

  • Rutnam is set to direct Prince of Malacca, an action-thriller film with Southeast Asian historical events.[5]
The story of a Wall Street hedge fund billionaire and his activities.[5]
Johnny, a Wall Street hedge fund billionaire is gathering political intelligence from a Senator in Washington inside information on political trends and the upcoming market and industry affecting legislative decisions. After the arrest of a hedge fund manager, Johnny is concerned whether what he is gathering through the Senator would be exposed in the future.[6]
After Johnny read an article in the Newsweek magazine by a professor at New York University, he becomes interested in ola-leaf reading which is known as Nadi astrology.[6]
Johnny, after seeking nadi astrology in India, gets into a double deal by becoming a CIA's intelligence officer with a special directive from the President of the United States of America to detect a drug cartel in Southeast Asia, in an exchange for using space and satellite technology to locate an island in the Strait of Malacca where in a tribal community his lover of previous birth is born as a beautiful dancer. According to astrology, when he was a prince and admiral in the Kingdom of Malacca in 1411 A.D., she was a daughter of a Javanese prince and the administrator of Singapura(present day Singapore), a province under the Kingdom of Majapahit based in Java.[5]
The astrology divulges that their untimely death in the previous birth is passing onto the current birth and by getting married to her is the only way he could be saved from the forthcoming disaster.[5]
After practising mantras in the Himalayas under a sage, he acquires the power of controlling others' thoughts and actions even from remotely and the power of teleportation where he could shift himself between two locations without crossing the physical space. He is using those powers and the latest satellite technology to locate the island and then rescue her in a deadly battle with a dreaded drug lord who wants to possess her.[5]
(Award winning actress Jacqueline Fernandez is approached to play the lead female role opposite a leading Hollywood actor.)
(Prince of Malacca is written by Rajkumar Kanagasingam who's also authored the book German Memories in Asia.)[5]

Other credits[edit]

Production Supervisor
  • Indochine (Malaysian shoot) (Academy Award Winner Best Foreign Language Film 1992)
Production Manager
  • A Common Man (2012)
  • The Road from Elephant Pass (2009)
  • Poronduwa (1993)
  • Witness to a Killing – Janelaya (1990) (Sarasaviya Award)
  • Adara Kathawa (1984)

Credits in General[edit]

Adara Kathawa (Love Story) – Sri Lanka – Producer / Writer / Director
Janelaya (Witness to a Killing) – Sri Lanka – Producer / Writer / Director
Poronduwa (Promise) – Sri Lanka – Producer / Writer / Director
Alimankada (The Road From Elephant Pass) – Sri Lanka – Producer / Writer / Director
A Common Man – USA / IND / Sri Lanka – Producer / Writer / Director
According to Mathew – AUS / Sri Lanka – Producer / Director (In Production)
Madara Parasathu – Sri Lanka – Producer
Theertha Yathra (Pilgrimage) – Sri Lanka – Producer
Wekanda Walauwa (Mansion by the Lake) – Sri Lanka – Producer
Deewari (Fisherman's Daughter) – Sri Lanka – Producer
Love 2002 – Sri Lanka – Producer
Milla Soya – Sri Lanka – Co-Producer
Train to Kandy – Sri Lanka – Executive Producer
The Kiss of the Cobra – Germany / Sri Lanka – Producer
Der Stein des Todes – Germany – Producer
Ghosts Can't Do It – USA – Associate Producer
In the Name of God's Poor – USA – Associate Producer
Jungle Book 2 – USA – Associate Producer
Sleeping Dictionary – USA – Associate Producer
Bloodsport 2 – USA – Line Producer
Bloodsport 111 – USA – Line Producer
Agyaat – IND Line Producer – Sri Lanka
Ready – IND Line Producer – Sri Lanka
A Dangerous Life – AUS – Production Supervisor
Beyond Rangoon – USA – Production Supervisor
Farewell to the King – USA – Production Supervisor
Fifty Fifty – USA – Production Supervisor
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – USA – Production Supervisor
Indochine – France – Production Supervisor
Iqbal – Italy – Production Supervisor
Jism 2 – IND – Production Supervisor
Madre Teresa – Italy – Production Supervisor
Tarzan the Ape Man – USA – Production Supervisor
The Shadow of the Cobra – AUS – Production Supervisor
The Iron Triangle – USA – Production Supervisor
Water – Canada – Production Supervisor
Light Over Water – Australia Production Supervisor
The Hostages – Australia – Production Supervisor
Le Prix d'une Femme – France – Production Supervisor
Victory – India – Production Supervisor
MadreTeresa – Italy – Production Supervisor
Road To Bangalore – Italy – Production Supervisor
Le Livre De Cristal – Swiss – Production Supervisor
Victory – UK – Production Supervisor
Spie Lies & Alibis – UK – Production Supervisor
Caught – USA Production Supervisor
The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck – USA – Production Supervisor
Paradise Road – USA Production Supervisor
L'enfant des Rues – France – Production Supervisor
(Gold & Saffron) D'or et de Safran – France Production Supervisor
Laporte duciel – France – Production Supervisor
Robo Warriors – USA – Production Supervisor
Strabe ins Paradies – Germany – Production Supervisor
Un dono Seanplice – Italy – Production Supervisor
Der Kaptan – Germany – Production Supervisor
Son of Sandokan – Italy Production Supervisor
Les myste'res de Sadjurah – Italy – Production Supervisor
Mountbatten – The Last Viceroy – UK – Production Supervisor


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