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Chandurthi is a historical village and panchayat in Karimnagar district, Telangana, India.

There are 18 villages in this mandal. The present ZPTC is P. Lingareddy. In this mandal Rudrangi is the major village. The villages of this mandal are:

  1. Rudrangi
  2. Malyal
  3. Lingampet
  4. Mudapelly
  5. Sangula
  6. Kattalingumpet
  7. Yengal (Engal and also called old ancient name is "Yenushalu" )
  8. Marrigadda
  9. Narsingapoor
  10. Thimmapoor
  11. Anantha palle
  12. Asireddy palle
  13. Jogapoor
  14. Kristampet
  15. Ramarao pally
  16. Bandapally
  17. Ashireddypally
  18. Ramannapet

Mallial or Malyal is located 18 km from Vemulawada and 2 km from Chandurthi Mandal. This village is famous for "Chundi Eluka Bavi (well)". People who get bit by the small rat come and take a bath from this Bavi(well) and will be cleansed of any allergies or any diseases resulting from such a rat bite. A big Venkateshwara temple was built here very recently. The main occupation here is agriculture, but many villagers go to gulf countries in search of opportunities. The younger generation is focusing a lot on education like engineering and medicine, and have been going to western countries lately for career opportunities.

Jogapoor is located in Chandurthi mandal and Karimnagar district 25 km distant from the famous pilgrim center Vemulavada. Jogapoor is populated by 2500 people and the major occupation is agriculture. 80% of the population migrate to UAE in search of livelihood and one of the important village in the mandal in the political and educational terms.

Another village is Bandapally. In this village, Venkateshwara temple is famous and reservayor in this village most useful in this village. Most of the people are dependent on agriculture and gulf countries.

Ramarao pally is also one of the famous villages. A number of students studied Msc, Mcom, MBA and other UG courses. 75% of people benefit with agriculture. Some people are going to UAE and other foreign countries.

In a village called Lingampet, occupants are mostly businessmen poultry firms, and some people went to the gulf. The younger generation is getting education now. There are very few government employees.

Coordinates: 18°32′36″N 78°46′38″E / 18.54333°N 78.77722°E / 18.54333; 78.77722