Chang'e 4

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Chang'e 4
Mission type Orbiter
Operator CNSA
Start of mission
Launch date Before the end of 2014
Launch site Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Lunar orbiter
Orbital insertion 2014

Chinese Lunar Exploration Program
← Chang'e 3 Chang'e 5

Chang'e 4 will be a Chinese lunar exploration mission, incorporating a spacecraft that orbits the Moon and returns to Earth at an escape velocity of 11.2km/s. Chang'e 4 was built as a backup to Chang'e 3, as Chang'e 2 was to Chang'e 1. Following the successful landing of the Chang'e 3 mission, the configuration of Chang'e 4 will be adjusted to test equipment in advance of Chang'e 5.[1]

The mission is scheduled for launch before the end of 2014 [2] as part of the second phase of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.[3][4]


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