Changes in society in the Republic of Ireland

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This article is an overview of significant shifts over time in the overall personal and cultural values of Irish society concerning attitudes and behaviour in such areas as sexual and religious practice. It does not cover non-value changes in administration such as our membership of the European Union, economic change such as increase in incomes or a catalogue of increases or decreases in the statistical level of features such as crime or drug use. Initially it is just an index to relevant Wikipedia pages, but needs to be fleshed out based on some referenced published works.

Life in Ireland

Historical Change[edit]

Recent changes (1970 onwards)[edit]

Areas of focus[edit]

  • Changing Sexual morals

- Magdalene Asylum - Prostitution in the Republic of Ireland

  • Decline in Catholicism

- Religion in the Republic of Ireland - Vocations

  • Attitudes to Health/Environment

- Recycling in Ireland

  • Attitude to world events

- East Timor - Missionaries in Africa - International Aid

  • Attititudes to multiculturalism/minorities


  • Increased respect and funding for science and scientific research.

Impact of change[edit]


Current change debate[edit]

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  • Change in other societies


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